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Synergix offers modern and efficient accounting and HR outsourcing services so that our clients can focus on their core business

Focus on your core business, we handle the rest!


Designed to take the effort out of your accounting & HR management, Synergix helps you improve flexibility and transparency and increase efficiency and control.

Access your data in real time so you can make the right decisions.

  • Accounting management
  • Accounts payable & receivable
  • Treasury management
  • Monthly payments
  • Payroll/HR management & administration
  • Access to new technologies and IT tools


Synergix helps you establish and run your HQ/subsidiary in Switzerland, in full compliance and transparency.

Synergix is your trusted advisor and allows you to manage your business seamlessly.

  • Compliance with local requirements
  • Registered-address services
  • Network of professionals available
  • Accounting management
  • Accounts payable & receivable
  • Treasury management
  • Monthly payments
  • Payroll/HR management & administration
  • HR consulting (oversight of existing Swiss employment contract, new contracts, employee handbook etc)


With a deep expertise in the NGO field, Synergix helps your organization increase transaprency, build trust and improve donor reporting.

  • Create relevant analytical trends
  • Access to new technologies and IT tools supervised by an expert
  • Create accurate, clear and relevant reports
  • Access to consistent information for HQ and on-site teams
  • Compliance with local requirements, including fiscal topics
  • Accounting management and projects accounting
  • Accounts payable & receivable
  • Treasury management
  • Monthly payments
  • Payroll/HR management & administration


The benefits of using Synergix are considerable - and not just financially. Synergix helps simplify your business and allows you to focus entirely on your core business, thanks to:

- A team of experienced and certified specialists, available for you,

- The guarantee that the job will be done and you don't need to worry about unplanned absences and their impact on the organization,

- The implementation and use of powerful and modern IT tools,

- The optimization of processes to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs, time and resource wastage.

  « 1 to 3 » = company's employee(s)« CHF 16'540 » = Annual potential saving
1 to 3 potential saving* CHF 16'540
4 to 6 potential saving* CHF 19'800
10 to 15 potential saving* CHF 31'000

*Compared to internal solution, ie staff costs and fiduciairy services. These information are indicative and may vary in practice.



Synergix manages all your administrative tasks for you, from reports to audit preparation and financial analysis.


We manage your accounts in real time, with daily closings and reconciliations.


We manage all tax-related tasks (payments, VAT declarations etc. )


We manage all payroll related tasks, monitor all types of insurance payments and coordinate pension plans. You can have access to an employee portal.


Get advice, administrative assistance and support throughout the whole process.


We help with registering physical or postal addresses and offer office space solutions.

  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Decrease risks
  • Access expertise for specialized functions
  • Benefit from the implementation of modern technologies
  • Focus on the company's core business and strategy
  • Avoid legal risks
  • Reduce stress
  • Have your data ready whenever you need
  • Increase employees' happiness
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International Commission of Jurists

I discovered Synergix when I was CFO in a renowned Geneva-based NGO; I was in awe of the level of technology, the online access to updated financial data in real time, as well as the team's responsiveness and specifically Jérôme Chincarini’s, who constantly seeks to optimize and personalize systems to allow NGOs to move forward. When I became CFO of ICJ, I naturally wanted to involve Synergix in the accounting and HR management of the organization.


FXB International

FXB International is a nonprofit organization, therefore we needed a flexible but efficient solution. Hiring an in-house person to take care of accounting and payroll was not an option in term of budget. We had to pay attention to the budget but still needed top quality work. Synergix was the perfect solution! Their experience, expertise and the level of quality they provide are great values during audits or reporting.


Dreamscape Immersive

Our company kept growning and we wasted too much time with our administrative management. Therefore, we wanted a professional and experienced company able to understand our business and bring a real benefit. We needed more time to focus on our core business being Research & Development. Therefore, we signed up with Synergix.

Synergix has become a trusted advisor for our company.


White Oak

Synergix takes care of all our administrative and accounting management and follows up with our PwC auditors who recognize the efficiency and quality of their work.

We decided to sign up with Synergix because overall they were cheaper than the previous provider while offering much more transparency in the way they work and automation of our accounting processes. Being able to access our financial data in real time on IODD and only having to scan invoices are real time saving assets for our company.


News 31May

Digitization of payments: the QR invoice is coming!
Digitization of payments: the QR invoice is coming!

As of June 30, 2020, as part of the harmonization of payment traffic, the first QR invoices may be received or issued anywhere in Switzerland instead of the classic payment slips. 


Study Case

Improving project management
Improving project management

We operate in many conflict zones around the world on different projects depending on several funds and various types of staff, our administrative management is complex and time-consuming. We do not feel that we are efficient and it is difficult for us to get an accurate picture of where we are.