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Full Services

We are not only your fiduciary, but also your administrative assistant

You are in urgent need to have administrative infrastructure in place as today you don’t dispose of local staff. We have the best and most cost efficient solution for your organization. Easy, quick and effectively set-up to operate!

Global Administration

Accounting function

  • Cover all aspects required
  • Real time accounting


  • Standard reporting
  • Specifics to your industry
  • Special requests


  • Regular company tax requirements
  • Staff related
  • VAT reporting

Financial analysis

  • Specialized financial analysis
  • Financial projections

HR Administration


  • Payroll administration
  • Annual related tasks

Insurance follow-up

  • Coordinate insurance coverage for all staff
  • Administrative follow-up

Benefits management

  • Coordination and performance of all related activities

Staff portal

  • Employee portal
  • Vacation management & time off
  • Administrative task management


We can accommodate your needs

  • Company domiciliation
  • Office space solutions

Pricing example

The following examples give you a cost indication of our services. These are generic examples based on our experience. The potential saving represents the variance compared to the internal cost of an administrative/accounting assistant.

  « 1 bis 3 » = Mitarbeiter Anzahl« CHF 800 » = Monatlicher Preis
1 to 3 As of CHF 800
potential saving*
4 to 5 As of CHF 2'500
potential saving*
10 to 15 As of CHF 3'400
potential saving*

*Compared to internal solution, ie staff costs and fiduciairy services. These information are indicative and may vary in practice.

Case study


These studies reflect practical cases of how we helped our clients and adapted solution. The solution will depend on how and where you operate. We are working closely with European partners and consequently can adapt to your needs, even cross border/cross country. Call us for further details and to find out how we could be helping your company/organization.