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Improving project managementOptimized management and real-time accounting


Optimizing governance and fund management

Our NGO operates in Syria, Somalia, the Philippines and many other conflict zones. We work with employees, freelancers and volunteers that we pay across all these countries. Between the different projects and the funds allocated to them, local legislation and exchange rate issues, or even the difficulties of retrieving the necessary information on the ground, the administrative and accounting management of our organization is complicated.


  • Accounting
  • IT


We know the importance of managing the administration and accounting of an NGO from a strategic point of view and for our image. Today we have the impression to spend more and more time, which we would prefer to dedicate directly to projects. Despite this, our financial data is not representative of our situation, because we have accumulated a delay of many months and we ae unable to catch up.

Our organization was looking for solutions to improve its efficiency and manage its projects when we were recommended to contact Synergix to outsource these services. After an introductory meeting with the team, Synergix started support us to implement the appropriate solutions.


By leveraging new technologies and technical expertise, Synergix has helped us optimize our processes by putting the right tools in place. After a thorough work between Synergix’s teams and ours, our accounting management is now up to date. We now have 24/7 and in real-time access to important elements of our accounting, allowing us to have better and strategic information and more time to manage our projects.

We reduced costs because we do not have to invest in our own accounting system, since Synergix shares its tools. We are well advised for all HR issues and thanks to the IODD Expenses mobile app, field teams can document their expenses in just a few clicks.


To learn more, download the case study: How can a new generation accounting firm assist your NGO towards the efficiency you need to carry out your projects?

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  1. 1Digitalized and optimized management
  2. 2Processes adapted to the needs
  3. 3Full support for administration, HR and accounting
  4. 424/4 access to data thanks to IODD
  1. 5Accurate tracking of the use of funds
  2. 6Simplified analysis and decision making
  3. 7Proximity and responsiveness
  4. 8Technical experts and multilingual specialists

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