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If your company regularly transfers money overseas to pay suppliers, maintain a representative office or receive payments from customers, Synergix partnered with Telexoo to help you obtain the most competitive exchange rates. With direct access to the exchange table, you will benefit from a real-time service for your transactions and also expertise from experienced team members.

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As an SME, you can benefit from being supported by a firm combining global know-how and local presence. Synergix SA does not intend developing the auditing and regulatory activity, therefore we rely on our solid network of partners of which PwC is a pillar.

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We greatly value IT structures, and so Synergix regularly works with Delphisoft concerning NAV. Whether it concerns our internal structure or a need for NAV integration support for a customer, we rely on their solid experience to ensure total satisfaction.

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Nando Stauffer von May - Notar & Rechtsanwalt

We feel they have the same work philosophy as Synergix, so whether we need to create, modify or liquidate a company, we turn to Nando Stauffer Von May to take care of all the notarial activities.

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