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What are the HR issues that outsourcing can solve?

What are the HR issues that outsourcing can solve?

With the focus on social responsibility and projects like Bcorp, HR issues are more than ever at the heart of business challenges

The payroll is a complex internal task, which can however benefit from a costs reduction thanks to the outsourcing. The most relevant argument in favor of outsourcing human resources is certainly the many obsolete practices common to internal HR departments, creating inefficiencies, loss of time and potential compromising errors. We already mentioned the benefits of outsourcing accounting and HR in a previous article, let's look more specifically how HR issues that can be solved.


The end of compliance issues

Outsourcing human resources minimizes legal risks.

While growing, organizations face complex laws in constant evolution. NGOs often hire freelancers or employees from several countries. Depending on the context, the mission, the country of origin of the worker, his status and the location of the mission, the laws and regulations differ. Respecting these criteria is therefore very demanding. That is why a company needs to make sure they have access to the necessary expertise.

Security, discrimination, employment... Compliance is an ongoing challenge for many organizations. The rules are stricter and change from one canton to another. For an in-house employee, it is often difficult to deal with the complexities of recruiting, payroll and administrative compliance issues.

Failure to comply with the Law can hurt your image, make you lose money, but also put you in a weak position against a former employee who wants to bring you before the courts. An accounting firm hires certified experts able to handle specific cases and strategically advise the company.


A more efficient document management

Hiring an external company to oversee human resources provides access to modern digital tools without the need for big investments.

In the HR area, the challenges of document control are very important at the legal, regulatory and organizational levels. GED, Electronic Document Management, facilitates and manages the flow of documents circulating within the company. By dematerializing key HR files, traceability and quality, processes are improved while saving time and money. Not to mention the disadvantages of physical storage to be avoided: paper handling, risk of loss, accessibility problems ...

With the evolution of technologies, GED has improved. It not only archives files, but manage, capture, recognize, search, store, share and allow to circulate documents according to workflows, in a secure and unstructured way. Creating, sending by email and adding to the employee's personal file a payslip can therefore be automated.

The technological evolution of processes makes it possible to go even further by simplifying the communication between the HR services and the employees. For example, the platform IODD allows to collect and save online documents and information needed when hiring new employees. You do not need to run after the new recruit to collect his personal details, to copy and store them etc

A new generation accounting firm like Synergix uses tools that will make the processes easier for both executive/managers and employees. A digitization that will be felt internally and will help to give a modern image of your company.

Saving costs

Outsourcing reduces the cost of managing non-revenue generating expenses.

Personnel expenses are among the most important for a company. Indeed, in addition to the cost of expenses and salary, hiring a person represents major costs each year, in terms of recruitment, software, training, management etc

It is estimated that more than 30% of the savings are achieved by outsourcing administrative tasks such as accounting and human resources.

Human Resources offer services that require monitoring, innovation and resources, but are not directly profitable. By outsourcing these services, the company can focus on core business skills while maintaining its competitive advantage. For many organizations, this is a way to improve efficiency and minimize staff costs. Not to mention that a wrong recruitment, beyond affecting the reputation of the organization, represents a significant financial loss.


A continuous impact on the efficiency of the company

Maintaining efficiency and effectiveness in the business is essential. Outsourcing the HR functions may be a solution.

Companies need to work on their internal structure, processes and practices to achieve growth. By optimizing their competitiveness through optimal management of Human Resources, companies can improve the quality and accuracy of their work while reducing their costs and benefiting from technologies they could not otherwise afford.

An accounting firm will integrate the monthly variables, calculate and create payslips, process payments, generate accounting documents and legal reports, announce employees to relevant authorities while accompanying you in your search for efficiency.

Operating without a qualitative HR department exposes the company to compliance risks. The lack of a concrete HR strategy can hinder the growth of the organization.

When launching a company, someone may think it can be easier to internally manage payroll-related management and HR in general. But when the company grows, specific issues can arise; whether they are internal, external, related to cross-border workers or workers residing in another canton, related to the evolution of regulations etc. This is why outsourcing these activities allows you to focus on your business, while improving the competitiveness of your company.


HR management is at the heart of the organization's development. Changes and developments in the business world are pushing companies to reinvent their Human Resources management processes through a strategic and proactive approach. Outsourcing these functions allows the company to access expertise, quality and relevant technologies. In every step of a company's growth, outsourcing is a definitely an advantage.