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Synergix joins an international fiduciary network

Synergix joins an international fiduciary network

Synergix is ​​the first fiduciary in Switzerland to join the internationally renowned 3 E Accounting network.

The company has joined this dynamic leader network to enable its clients to have access to accounting skills and knowledge from around the world and be able to respond to all international business management issues.

3E Accounting collaborates in more than 40 countries across the 6 continents with accounting, tax and HR, all with the common goal of providing the highest quality of expertise. Its values, similar to those of Synergix, revolve around innovation, efficiency, efficiency and economy.

Each country has its own regulations and globalisation is a trend that is set to continue in Switzerland. Partnering with a network like 3E Accounting provides current and future clients with opportunities to grow internationally without having to think about their management. Evolution in line with the overall administrative support provided by the trustee.

The alliance with global partners aims to gain a better understanding of the market, the advantage for the customer to contact a single provider for all its needs and makes Synergix a true international player in the field of business administration.