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The benefits of digital payroll management

The benefits of digital payroll management

Digital transformation aka 2.0 Human Resources simplifies an inseparable branch of HR: payroll management. Choosing to modernize payroll enables a more efficient information organization through process optimization. The introduction of new technology-based tools offers human resources departments several significant benefits while giving them the opportunity to focus on value-added missions.


Why dematerialize the payslips of your company?

With regard to the company's HR documents to be archived, they no longer need to be kept in paper, provided they are GDPR compliant. You nevertheless should keep the contracts as well as the documents signed manually in the original version, in case of any civil proceedings, where proof in initial form can be requested. But there is no longer any obstacle to send the payslips electronically to employees of your company.

Dematerializing payslips has many advantages, such as a considerable time saving that we will develop in this article.


What does it mean to digitize the payroll?

The digitization of payroll management relies on powerful tools that can be costly for a company if set up internally. In addition, it requires time and expertise to set them up correctly, in order to make the most of them and avoid potential mistake. This is why outsourcing the payroll management to a fiduciary with the right skills and knowledge can be a great fit for your organization, so you can enjoy the full benefits of new technologies.


The HR manager of the fiduciary selects and configures the best systems, so that they:

  • Respect the Swiss Law
  • Automatically include new regulations and updates to existing texts
  • Allow the individual breakdown of the salaries and according to the different criteria to be taken into account
  • Handle special cases such as source tax
  • Manage the rates and calculations of social insurance
  • Integrate company's ELM profiles (ELM profiles standardize data processing and their updates allow accurate calculations)
  • Allow up-to-date salary accounting
  • Automate the sending of each payslip to the corresponding employee by email
  • Transfer the necessary information for the payment of salaries
  • Create reports at the customer's request.

At the same time, the use of the Swissdec federal system will make it possible to transfer salary-related data electronically to the various state authorities while avoiding redundancy and manual processing of certain processes as it used to be.


The benefits of digitized payroll management

If we could quantify the work that represent printing payslips, enveloping and sending or hand-delivering them monthly, it would demonstrate the undeniable advantages of the digitalization of the payroll; it is important to also acknowledge the benefit it produces in terms of administrative management of a company.


For example:

Electronic back-up of documents in compliance with the Code of Obligations

By proceeding this way, there’s a better archiving management. Electronic Document Management (EDM) provides a better files and documents organization, as well as optimized search and exchange.

NB: Regarding the archiving of company documents, the Code of Obligations requires compliance with the integrity of files, the non-modifiable nature of an archive and the ability to trace operations.


Time and management costs saving

It is estimated that the average cost of payslips distributed in paper is CHF 3.- per employee per month. If you add the cost of archiving papers in a cabinet, often outsourced, because considerable, as well as the time saved when an employee used to ask you for information, the calculation is quickly done.


Improved processes and their reliability

The payslips are immediately sent and accessible wherever the employee is. There is also a good probability that employees will ask for a resend. The risks of loss or damage related to the use of paper are therefore removed. Compliance is guaranteed since the risks of errors related to the complexity of the Swiss system are greatly reduced thanks to the integration of the new rules in the tools.



Less paperwork, less travel and less storage space are advantages brought by the digitization of your HR, that will have a direct impact on the environment.


While digital payroll systems have many benefits, they cannot meet every need. In addition, a business expertise is necessary to be in compliance while managing all administrative aspects associated with employees - to determine, for example, whether a person should receive a payslip or be paid as a self-employed person. We mentioned this topic in this previous article.

So by choosing to outsource the payroll to a fiduciary, a company will benefit from many advantages. Indeed, given the numerous mandates managed in this context, the HR manager has acquired multiple skills over time. Relying on new technologies for administrative management gives him time to focus more on consulting and strategy while ensuring compliance with legal obligations.