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Interview Fintech: Anivo, choose insurance easily

Interview Fintech: Anivo, choose insurance easily

The administration of a company involves managing human resources and choosing accident insurance and a pension fund for your employees. But let’s face it, whether in a personal or professional setting, searching and comparing insurance is part of the missions that hardly enchant. Indeed, choices are multiplying more and more, the advantages are different and the providers, be the banks, insurance companies or pension funds, do not really help us to compare the offers. And yet these choices are important for both your organisation and the employees who benefit from it.

The startup Fintech Anivo uses advanced technology to benchmark insurance products and provide personalized deals through an online platform accompanied by expert advice. We interviewed Alex Bojer cofounder with Werner Flatz of the Zurich company.


Can you talk about yourself and your company please?

Anivo was founded in January 2015 by two insurance and technology experts Alex Bojer and Werner Flatz who have both worked in the insurance practice group of Accenture and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).  Anivo combines a unique insurance platform technology with insurance brokerage service as a regulated insurance broker with licences for Switzerland and the European Union. Our distinctive multi-product/multi-channel insurance platform enables a scalable distribution of insurance products across different tenants & our insurance customer service centre provides individual advice via email, phone, chat and videochat.

Next to our proposition for end buyers via we furnish our platform to innovative corporates and associations who are looking for innovative insurance offerings for their clients, employees or members. Currently more than 42’000 employees/members of partners like SBB/CFF, UPC or the CFA Switzerland association benefit from Anivo services. Further companies will be launched in the next weeks.


What was the biggest inspiration when Anivo decided to start this business?

We wanted to provide a state-of-the-art technology platform for insurance products combined with a convenient, transparent way of individual insurance advisory.


What are the three main ways in which Anivo is beneficial for customers?

Users can compare prices and products, rather than the common ‘price only’ which comparison websites provide. They benefit convenient and individual advisory by FINMA regulated insurance experts via email, phone, chat and video chat. As an employee of a partner company or association, you benefit from specially designed insurance products or discounts on the price.


How did Swiss organisations welcome your product?

Anivo was very well received since it is a true innovation and benefit for their employees / members. We are the only company in Switzerland which provides this technology, combined with insurance advisory for their customers.

How do you see the growth of your business in the next 5 years?

We foresee a bright future for Anivo, to become the leading provider for this so-called ‘affinity groups’ insurance business – not only in Switzerland but also abroad.


Do you create synergies with other companies in the FinTech Switzerland? If yes, what?

We have a very broad network of corporate contacts especially into the insurance industry which we also use to introduce other interesting FinTech startups from Switzerland and abroad to corporates.  We are also in discussions about partnerships with other FinTechs and FinTech associations and we’ll come up with first results later this year.


In your opinion, is Switzerland a fertile ground for Fintech? What are its challenges?

With headquarters of global banking and insurance companies, Swiss FinTech startups have access to a lot of interesting potential partnerships which is a huge plus.

Nevertheless, given the small size of the domestic market and the costs involved in running a startup out of Switzerland, one have to carefully consider whether to found a startup in Switzerland – especially if you pursue a strategy of fast international growth. Even though we’ve seen Swiss startups moving their headquarters away from Switzerland, we have a clear commitment to our Swiss home market, to our Swiss partners and to Switzerland as our headquarter.


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