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5 applications to maximize your business productivity

5 applications to maximize your business productivity

As an entrepreneur, you are certainly looking for ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. We recently suggested you outsource your HR administration and accounting to a trustee who uses new technologies and will allow you to gain performance and efficiency. By implementing a few simple solutions and employing the right applications, you can, within your company save time to focus more and more on its growth.

So we have compiled here some of the best programs to increase your productivity.


SLACK is ideal for collective work and internal communication. It allows you to create groups, organize topics, address private messages, integrate with many other applications like Asana or Dropbox and has a powerful enough search system. Like Skype, it also allows you to send files and make calls.

Slack users reported receiving 48.6% fewer internal e-mails and holding 25.1% fewer meetings after installation and use of the application, resulting in an overall increase of 32% Productivity, according to a company survey.


TRELLO: This project management application allows you to track a task or assign a project using a card-based system. The interface is very visual and gives you a quick overview of the progress. For more precise information, the user can click on the map. Team members are automatically notified by email when there is an update or change.


RESCUE TIME: This time management application draws attention with insight to your habits, as a nutritionist would draw attention to calories. Rescue Time is a tracking tool that tracks everything you do, the websites you visit, the break time you take ... Different options also allow you to stay focused on your work by giving you the ability to block sites and Distracting apps and quantify your productivity goals to best meet them.


EVERNOTE: Evernote is a note-taking application that can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. It allows you to take notes, create lists and save images. You can even store information that comes from the web using the Web Clipper Evernote. You can share your notes. And the search tool is powerful enough for you to find everything you have entered.iftt

IFTT: IFTT stands for "If This Then That". The productivity application uses conditions to automate common processes and optimize your workflow. You define the "if", the trigger, and then the "next", that is, the action you want that runs when the condition is met. The trigger combinations are called "Recipes". The application integrates with hundreds of others, as well as with peripherals. The possible recipes are almost unlimited, but IFTT makes it easier for you by offering them already created and allows you to automate everything that is routine. For example: automatic sending of mails according to the weather, automatic recording of your contacts at each change, silencing your phone when you pass the door of your house, Mail attachments received in Dropbox, ...


ONEPASSWORD: Managing passwords is a tricky task. They must be safe, never use twice the same, and at the same time they must be able to find them easily. OnePassword allows you to store your passwords securely, to generate very complicated passwords and one click To use them through the extension that will fill the fields of identification for you. And if you want, you can synchronize your passwords across multiple platforms and devices.


Of course, there are many other tools to maximize your productivity or help you in the administration of your business. The ones we have selected here are from the forthcoming white paper in which we will give advice for growing organizations. If you want to be informed of the publication of this ebook, you can follow us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.