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Here, some often asked questions

  1. We need to submit an RFP for a project. Is this something you could handle for us?

    Absolutely. NGO RFPs and selection is something we enjoy doing and have had success with.

  2. We currently still use Excel and are looking for an accounting software and information tool to bring our organization into the 21st century. Could you assist us in finding the best software to suit our needs?

    Yes, this is one of our greatest strengths. We’ve helped several organizations and companies to make the quantum leap from old fashioned Excel to cutting edge accounting and reporting software.

  3. We only have program staff in Switzerland and need some transparency from a financial point of view. Also, we might want to become independent in respect to the infrastructure. Are these areas in which you could help us?

    Absolutely. We’ve assisted many organizations with these very challenges.

  4. We need to set up all accounting activities and regulatory reporting in Switzerland. Is this something you could do for us?

    Yes, absolutely. We have extensive experience setting up accounting and regulatory reporting from scratch.

  5. Could we use your firm for payroll preparation and regulatory work to be carried out in Switzerland?

    Of course, many of our clients rely on us for their Swiss based payroll.

  6. Today we are doing the payments of our Switzerland based operation by our European based staff! How could we improve this process?

    This is a situation we encounter quite often. Our high level IT software provides an excellent solution.

  7. I’m concerned your services will be too expensive for my small firm.

    Our services ultimately pay for themselves. We free you from time consuming accounting and administration tasks so you can focus on sales and growth.

  8. Is our operation too small to benefit from your services?

    No company is too small to benefit from our services.

  9. Will you be able to produce our annual accounts?

    Our staff is fully qualified to deliver quality financial statements.

  10. Will our administrative assistant continue to do the regular monthly payments?

    No, we can quickly and easily execute your monthly payments using an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). Because once the invoice recorded, all the process are streamlined.